There seems to be no way

How do I talk with a real person? Customer support keeps circling me back to this. I have tried to complete request for help forms, but nothing submits, instead bring me back here.

Need help with DNS, not working like it says in the tutorial. Cannot re-direct my domain- even though connected.

Well, you’re in luck, because I and many others here are real persons.

However, to help you we will need a bit more information.

What is your domain, and what do you want to do with it? What error are you seeing?


That means it’s not an issue that Support can assist you with. Customer Support is available for Billing, Registrar and Account tickets. It is not meant for questions related to setting up your site.

Which Tutorial?


No, the error you are seeing is 100% from your origin server directly, it has nothing to do with Cloudflare, it’s a godaddy parking page. Contact them.

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To add, if you don’t want to have your domain parked at GoDaddy anymore, you’ll need to edit the DNS record that is parking the domain. So instead of pointing the record to, you can point it to your server.


Contact you hosting provider and ask them for the IP address of your origin server.

Go to

Look at

Verify the Content DNS A record (first one) that has the same value as the IP address given by your hosting provider. If it does not, follow this Tutorial to edit the DNS record

I noticed your closed ticket 2860859 with Support, the team cannot edit those records on your behalf, nor do they know the correct value. This is something you need to do and we can assist you if necessary.


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