There must be an outtage/performance issue right now

Please visit to check the load time for It loads at ~1 second, if you test it from their San Jose location. The load time will be at 30 seconds plus, if you test it from their Dallas server or any of their other locations.

I’ve run more tests and this site loads at ~1 second from almost everywhere, if I disable the Cloudflare. Please address this as soon as possible and please let me know how we can ensure this won’t happen in the future.

Thank you

Slow for me too. But, what’s this?

<body class="not-logged-in front full-node node-type-page layout-first-main-last" onload="setTimeout('delayer()', 8000)">

Here are the Securi times from around the world:

Thanks for the response. This line wasn’t really doing anything, I still removed it till this performance issue gets fixed. I just tried the subdomain and it took 28 seconds to load!

I’m new to Cloudflare and I moved to it to speed up the website, not to speed everything down by a lot.

I’d like to know how long it normally takes for Cloudflare to have these issues fixed. It’s a high critical matter for our business right now.

I’d recommend opening a support ticket if you haven’t already. I’m not aware of other reports of the issue you are seeing: login to Cloudflare and then contact Cloudflare Support

The ticket has been created, I really hope we hear back from the support people as soon as possible. Thank you.

I moved back to my old settings and everything is back to normal, and there was nothing wrong with our codes. All our pages load at about or under 5 seconds, here are a few examples:

Thanks for all your help; however, I’ll have to do more research before moving back to Cloudflare again. I wasn’t aware that it was more of a complex move rather than a quick change of name servers and having everything up and optimized.