There is seemingly an intermittent 15 second added request time/delay when making international calls to our domain

Hey there!

We have an AWS server set up in Ohio, in the US. As well as a staging version in the EU (where we’re located). Calls to the EU servers never get an added delay, however, when we’re making calls to the US server (even from the website itself, it loads a lot of assets- about 750) a few of them will not get the normal <500ms loading time, but between 15 and 16 seconds. This severely slows down the general loading of our application.

What’s interesting however, is that when we use VPN to an IP in the US the delay never happens. I’ve written a small python script to retrieve a file 100 times and without VPN, every 20 or so requests it gets the 15 second added request time. With the VPN, it never happens.

Some further testing by allowing direct access to our IP address (without cloudflare) also never had the 15 second delay- with or without VPN.

So, we’re pretty certain it has something to do with our (configuration of) Cloudflare WAF- but if somebody could point us in the right direction that’d be very much appreciated!