There is lot of records in DNS records step



hello guys
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i used cloudflare for my site.
i deleted cloudflare last week and moved my hosting to another hosting also i changed my dns.
now when i want to add my site to cloudflare again, in second step i have a lot of dns records that some of them for the last hosting

excuse me for my language.


So we got our answers from public DNS When I query your nameserver for example here is what is returned:

dig mx +short

You can absolutely hit continue and then adit/modify any of the records if you want to point them to the new host. Just get those pointed to the right place before you update your nameservers to Cloudflare.

Hope that helps!


can be happened for cash? i changed server since last week.
im sure the mail record is wrong. because when i try to add my email in gmail i have this error:

There was a problem connecting to
Server returned error: “Account misconfig: hostname contains unsafe characters.”

what happening if i removed the srv and txt records ?xt records ?


The Mx records are still there, so it’s unlikely th be a chaching error. Your nameservers currently point to:

So I would check the values there. As to the error you’re receiving, doublecheck the host name you are entering: