There is any way to defer (or async) the email-decode.min.js and mirage2.min.js scripts?

As they are coming as blocking, it’s increasing the FCP and LCP time For our users in the US, it almost doesn’t have an impact, but for our users in countries with slow-speed connections (India, Pakistan), it increases the time a lot.

I tested locally and got these results:

FIC - Blocking: 3.67s | Defer: 2.89s
LCP - Blocking: 5.25s | Defer: 3.05s

Any idea on how can I achieve that?

Thanks in advance.

There ATM is no option to choose on how you want each JS based Cloudflare product to be implemented. But you can choose by yourself how you implement your scripts.


just try the defer attribute like this, to defer JS:


You can also use both at the same time. Make sure the browsers of your clients support them.
Script-defer support: script-defer
Script-async support: script-async

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