There is an issue loading my websites

My websites won’t load. I get an error indicating " Error establishing a database connection". I contacted my hosting provider (ipage) and they inform me that it’s an issue with Cloudflare. Is anyone else experiencing this problem?

I assume you’re using WordPress?

If so, then it sounds like your hosting provider doesn’t want to help you, because this message indicates an issue with your website database connection which Cloudflare has nothing to do with whatsoever.

You mention “sites”, as in multiple websites. Do you know if they’re all hosted on the same server, or perhaps all use the same database?

If so, then perhaps your database has crashed, or been changed.

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Or the config file for the site is trying to make its database connection to a :orange: Proxied hostname. If it’s on the same server, it should be configured to connect to localhost, or the local IP address.

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Each site has its own database. I would have to agree, it appears that the issue is with the hosting provider.

I contacted my hosting provider again and they will look into the matter. Thank you for your time and help sdayman.


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