There is a redirect that we can't find the reason for

When we go to, it redirects to We can’t find the source. If we enter with, there is no redirect.

Hello there,

301 redirection is set for the given url. Check your redirection rules. You may check here:

Hello neiljay,

We can not see any redirection rule as that, and when we tried to add redirection rule as to any URL it redirects, but if we try to redirect to any adress it doesnt works. → redirects me to the and then goes to the

for version, I can see x-cache: HIT from Backend and works fine.

Can you share a screenshot of your Page Rules?

Both non-www and www seems to be proxied :orange: for now.

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Hello fritex,

There isnt any page rule in my account. But i catch something, when i disable Cloudflare on this website, not redirects to


Did you check in other rules? Did you check in htaccess file or in server if configured?

What’s the www record set to? Would you check the ips again? & that’s set to :orange: proxied? with the same ips?

We checked all the rules and they are empty,
If any server config triggers this problem, we think it wont be fixed when we disable Cloudflare. I am sharing screenshot of DNS page, i wonder if there is anything you can help us.

Hi there,

Sorry for the redirect trouble you’re facing on the apex domain. That hostname is configured by a provider using our SSL for SaaS feature. Here is a Community Tutorial to help:


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