There in the future a Public DNS adding for block ads and trackings?

Does CloudFlare ( block malicious domains, Ads and Tracking? I’m not the only one thinking Cloudflare need to add adblocking and trackings for Public DNS. Right now that is the best thing and there other like NextDNS, Control D and AdGuard DNS are doing this and is really good. If cloudflare have this in the future, I will be happy.

You can block malicious domains by using (and or get finer control by using the zero trust gateway.

For ads and tracking, I use pi-hole, then that goes to a Zero Trust Gateway DNS for blocking threats and filtering for kids.

There’s also this that lets you upload a huge list (I uploaded the default pi-hole list of around 250K entries) to the zero trust gateway, but latency on each query went up to 500ms as a result of the massive list so I disabled it.

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