There has been a critical error on this website- Wordpress error


I have a problem. I can’t open or access WordPress or wp-admin. It says “There has been a critical error on this website” You can see all the information in the image attached. I also don’t get an email from WordPress so I don’t know how I can fix this without that email.

Can you help me to sort this problem out, please?


At first I thought this question is related to Cloudflare Workers, but it seems like it’s more to WordPress-related.

I guess it’s better to speak with your host to sort that out.

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Sorry… I have no idea which one should I put it in. I already contacted them. I just want to get a quicker solutions from other people since they said I have to wait for a long time.

Thank you

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I just had this happen to 3 of my sites. I’ve followed all indications for deleting the plugin folder to everything I could find. I still cannot log into my sites. Did you get this resolved?

  • I meant to say I deleted the Clouldflare plugin from the Plugins folder (not the entire plugins folder)

I followed this Replacing WordPress Core Files - WordPress - Reclaim Hosting Community
The website is fixed but I have another problem now. Be careful to upload files and delete files on file manager (on hosting).

Thanks, I’ll check it out for sure. – I ended up rolling back to a backup from the day before on my cPanel and then updated WP which had also failed apparently. I’m thinking all of this may have been caused by both the WP and Cloudflare updates coming together. Who knows.

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