There aren't any release support raspberry zero

i can’t find any cloudflared release which can support armhf(my rpi zero)

Check out these unofficial builds

This is really cool! BTW is there ARM support for WARP too? Official or unofficial are both fine.
I tried installing WARP on one of my machines and it just didn’t work, and after like about half an hour of debugging I realized there isn’t a package for that system architecture.
Having ARM support would be great. (Ubuntu Server, not Windows on ARM)

There is for arm64(also known as armv8), but not 32-bit arm such as armv6 or armv7. Since the WARP client is closed source there are not unofficial builds. Some projects may exist to provide similar functionality using WARP APIs, but I don’t know of any to recommend.

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Wait a minute, I just ran uname -m and got aarch64 so does this mean it should work??
I’m even more confused now…

The ugly Wireguard hack could provide partial functionality (with lots of tweaking, I suppose) but indeed it doesn’t have any API support (which is expected).
Other than that nothing comes to my mind either…

It should, what error did you get and when did you most recently try? Seems the addition of arm64 support was recent.

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Ohhh that must be it.
I think what I got was there’s not a suitable version for the current architecture or something…
It was at least a couple of months ago so that all makes sense.
Will definitely check this out. Very cool! Thanks for the information.


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