There are no Identity Providers in your account

For the past week I have been getting this error message “There are no Identity Providers in your account” when accessing my Cloudflare Access protected url. Didn’t have any issues for a long time until recently.

Going into Cloudflare for Teams, The One-Time Pin option was already added but the same error message is still showing. Clicking on the +Add option, strangely the One-Time Pin option was greyed out and I could click to add another One-Tin Pin option and this is what I see now.

I still get the same error message even with two One-Tin Pin options. Looks like a bug. What should I do?


I found a workaround solution.

Going into the Application, I selected the newer One-Time Pin option which I added earlier under Authentication and the error message doesn’t appear anymore and I could go through the One-Tin Pin process.