"There are no Identity Providers in your account" error

So I’m wondering if something happened to my account specifically, or if Cloudflare is experiencing issues…

I just tried setting up a new Access site and I’m not getting an error that says "
There are no Identity Providers in your account".

I tried accessing one of my previous sites and it’s doing the same thing. What’s interesting too is I have Google, Azure, and One Time Password configured so technically at least the OTP should work.

I’m thinking it’s a Cloudflare issue but I can’t be certain.

Hi @jon16,

I haven’t seen any similar reports and I don’t see any issues in my own account. Is this still an issue for you? If so, can you open a ticket with the account specifics and post the ticket number here? I can then escalate it to Support.


We are also facing same issue today. It was working earlier. I tried to whitelist a rule having email ending with particular domain and since, then we are facing similar issue. The OTP method is no longer working.

I have attached the screenshot herewith.


Hi @vaibhav.kamble,

Can you follow the same advice?

I will then escalate it for attention.

Hi @domjh

I have already sent details through this form. Raised it again through main support channel.

Please let me know if you need any further information.


OK, thanks. I’m not sure how instant the feedback form is, it may just be turned into aggregate data without a specific response.

Did you get an auto-reply with a ticket number there?

Hi @domjh

Yes, I received the ticket number 2192720 in return. I later received an update saying that - "Your issue has been marked as Resolved in our system. ". However, I just checked and issue still persists.


Thanks, I have escalated this post and your ticket for the attention of the Customer Support Team.

It was confirmed that this was an issue on Cloudflare side and has been resolved by our engineering team.

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It is still failing for us.



I found a workaround which I documented here.

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This did work, thank you very much.

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