There are no bypass rules but Cf-Cache-Status: DYNAMIC


I have not set any page rules to bypass caching, but all pages of my website show:
Cf-Cache-Status: DYNAMIC

I doubt my cloudflare CDN is not working. I checked DNS propagatio and the result was very strange:

I only saw two cloudflare IPs working in all regions. Some regions are even shown the hosting original IP. I think normally there should be a unique IP for each region. Can you help me solve it?

Cloudflare utilizes anycast for IP addressing which allows them to advertise the same IP addresses from multiple datacenters. By default Cloudflare does not cache dynamic content.

So seeing dynamic on a webpage request is not unexpected.


How does Cloudflare determine if a page is dynamic? I think my page is static, even I disable all cookie, but it still shows DYNAMIC.

Regarding the IP address, I found that nearly half of the regions show the original IP. I have no way to hide the original IP through CDN. Is this normal?

It has no idea. If you want to change the behavior you can follow the link above and create page rules to cache everything.

Without knowing the domain, one can only assume you recently implemented Cloudflare and the DNS servers being queried has older cached information.

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This resolves to the following IPs:

dig +short

Propagation from alternative DNS servers will require the TTL to expire. Blocking direct request can be done by modifying your firewall to only accept connections from Cloudflare IPs.

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