Then i enable Cloudflare proxy, a shopify error page with Let's Encrypt SSL loads

As the topic states. This issue has been a huge headache and I hope someone can assist.

Can you share your domain? Are you saying that when you enable Cloudflare, you see a Shopify error page?

If so, this sounds like a common issue where a previous provider used Cloudflare for SaaS and did not correctly remove the custom hostname for your site. Please review the following tutorial for how to effectively get this removed.


This is the site with the issue.

Yes, I see the error page. At one point last month, I added the domain to Shopify as a custom domain. I deleted the custom domain yesterday. Reading through your link, I believe this is the issue. Shopify uses Let’s Encrypt but the domain name issues a Cloudflare IP. I will review your link further today. It’s 6am now and I have spent hours trying to resolve this issue.

Thank you

Thanks for the info… So I managed to jailbreak the domain in less than 2min. Decided not to go through Shopify route, since like me, the 2 support ppl I spoke with have never heard of Cf for SaaS.

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For reference, Shopify is already cached behind Cloudflare and so you cannot proxy/orange-cloud the domain you use with Shopify. Normally, CF DNS won’t even let you do it, as it will recognize the IP as a Shopify IP / Cloudflare IP and will prevent it from being orange-clouded.

You can, however, orange-cloud (proxy) subdomains through CF, or point a subdomain at Shopify instead (if you were still using it)

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