Theme switches not working on Cloudflare Pages (but work on dev page)

Hey Cloudflare community,

I just migrated from Netlify to Cloudflare Pages and I’m experiencing a weird issue. I use Hugo and have three domains registered with Cloudflare, all pointing to the same page.

The weird part is that this issue didn’t happen when I was on Netlify, despite having the same setup. Now, when I deploy, everything works fine on the dev page, but the theme switches don’t work on the actual domain. I’ve checked and all theme updates are being applied correctly, it’s just the theme settings that seem to be affected.

I’ve tried testing each setting individually (cache, lazy load, etc.) to see if one of them is causing the issue, but so far, no luck.

Has anyone else experienced something similar? Can someone help me figure out what’s going on?

Here are the affected domains:

And here are the dev pages:

Thanks in advance for any help or guidance!

Try disabling Rocket Loader and/or any auto minification settings on your and zones.

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Thanks so much, that worked. clearing the cache and disabling Rocket Loader on both the settings worked!


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