Theme plugin not working with Cloudflare

I have a theme specific plugin that has galleries and a visual builder etc that is not working with Cloudflare, since redirecting to cloudflare DNS name servers only one page of my website is showing up (my hosting tech support has confirmed it is the plugin that is not working with Cloudflare), need advice please, have emailed developer but with little luck

What’s the plugin, and what’s the domain?

Hi - The plugin is ‘whizz plugins’ and ‘whizzy plugin’. Site is

That’s certainly a peculiar problem. It looks like there’s a lot of JS and CSS minification by your plugin, and maybe even by Cloudflare. I’m not seeing any browser console errors, so it’s some weird interaction happening behind the scenes.

If you put the domain in Development Mode from the Overview page of the Cloudflare dashboard, does the site work?

I’ll check now and see

no its still the same even in development mode

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