The zone: "mysite" in account: "myemail's Account" was deleted by Cloudflare on 2023-07-28


I just got this email and also my site was running really slow at that point.

When I logged into CF, the site wasn’t deleted and I couldn’t find anything in the logs.

(Today) One thing I did change was I turned on CF Proxy for my A records (it was DNS only before).
(2-3 Days Ago) I added TXT entry for Brevo domain authentication.

Nameservers are still pointing to CF and I didn’t change anything in the last 20+ days.

The site seems to work now pretty fast.

How do I check everything is ok?

  1. Domain?

  2. What status does it show, below the domain, on the front page of the Cloudflare Dashboard?

  3. If you scroll down on your DNS records page, what name servers are you assigned to?

  2. Active
  3. seth.ns and ursula.ns

The parent name servers for the .HR TLD responds with exactly those name servers.

There’s also a Brevo (as well as a MS) TXT verification record on the apex (e.g. naked domain), like you indicated.

So everything does look perfectly fine, according to the information provided.

Could you by any chance have (had) a secondary Cloudflare account, where the domain could have been attached to, but since it wasn’t active there, now has been deleted?

Otherwise I would just take it as the email have been the result of a temporary glitch.

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no, I only have this account for this website.

I have another website on this account but I didn’t get the email for that one.