The zone cannot be upgraded at this time. (Code: 1258) want to pay

I would like to upgrade to business plan but I keep getting that error. I know this is regarding a chargeback to the domains name close to 2 years ago and I would like to pay the chargeback forward to be able to use the service again. I see other people can do the same thing and I was told I can do that if I want to use cloudflare premium services. I have opened a ticket and contacted cloudflare trust and safety team by email also but have not gotten any response now for close to 5 days. Can someone please check up on this as I would like to use the service.

If your issue involves Cloudflare Trust and Safety, all you can do is wait until you hear from them. The Community is unable to assist in Trust and Safety matters.

If you want to share the ticket number, we can request escalation, though it is unlikely to change the time it will take for Trust and Safety to conduct their review.

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How long can I expect for the response? Just been 5 days and I do want to upgrade to business plan.
Ticket id: #3093776

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Only Trust and Safety can tell you how long it will take them to resolve your request. I will pass along your ticket number.

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Thank you


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