The zone cannot be upgraded at this time. (Code: 1258) An error occurred: Title has already been used

I am trying to upgrade from a free account to a business account but I keep getting the error “The zone cannot be upgraded at this time. (Code: 1258)” The link it provides just goes to general help and searching the knowledgebase just seems to have other tickets where support get involved which I can’t do as I can’t upgrade - anyone any way to get though to support I tried speaking to sales but they could not help? Thanks John.

Customers on every plan type can create billing, account and registrar tickets here,

Thanks cloonan - the UI just shows the articles on the right so I didn’t see the “Still need to submit a ticket?” off the bottom of the screen

Was Customer support able to assist on 3016685 @johnmachale?

Hi @cloonan yes, eventually they had to contact a different customer, who had our domain on their cloudflare even though our Nameservers were pointed to our own cloudflare they had put a lock on the domain / account.

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