The WordPress cpanel is slow and takes a lot of time to open, as does the website

I’m tired of this problem.
The WordPress cpanel is slow and takes a lot of time to open, as does the website.

This problem started after I transferred my domain " "to Bluehost.
I have done everything I can for improve it and currently use WP-Rocket and linked my website to Cloudflare as well.
I contacted support and the issue was resolved.
But there was a problem with the email records, and records (SPF, DKIM, DMARC ) were added. But the problem of sudden slowness still appears.
Please help me solve this problem once and for all.
This error appears sometimes too.

I contacted Bluehost support again and they told me to change the A record from Proxied to DNS only.
Will this solve the problem?

My DNS records

I would check the IP address that you have in the second A record, according to the screenshot of your DNS record list.

First I would verify (e.g. with your hosting provider), that it is actually the correct IP address for your server / hosting.

If it is the correct IP address, I would look further in to e.g. the firewall on the server/network that holds the given IP address, the time out you see could be because of a heavily restrictive firewall that is rate limiting and/or otherwise blocking connections.

You were reaching the Cloudflare PoP in Milan, Italy, at the time when you got the error message from your screenshot.

To mention an example, if the server/network holding the specific IP address is located in a data center in the United States, and the server/network is blocking all IP addresses from outside the United States, perhaps because you don’t see it as relevant to retrieve connections from outside your own country, you would literally be blocking requests from Milan, Italy - including the Cloudflare PoP over there, causing visitors that reach the Cloudflare PoP in Milan, Italy (as well as any other Cloudflare PoP outside the United States), to see the error you saw.

I won’t guarantee anything, but you can always give it a try, even if temporary.

If it is giving you a positive outcome, it would be Bluehost’s firewalls/security systems, as explained above, that are blocking Cloudflare from passing on the requests to their servers.

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