The Welcome Bar App (Limited Functionality)



The Welcome Bar app is a great start and has great potential. Unfortunately, due to its limitations, we are not using it at this time.

Please consider the following enhancements for the app’s next update:

(1) Needs to be responsive: The Welcome Bar (banner) takes up too much screen space on mobile devices. Specifically, on mobile devices, the banner message and button should appear on one line, not two. We shortened the string length of both the main message and button text to see if they would show up on one line. Unfortunately, they don’t.

(2) Needs to be customizable: The Welcome Bar (including button) needs to be customizable (i.e., height of banner, length and height of button, font types, and colors for both text and background).

Once the above is introduced, you’ll be able to sit back and watch your customer base increase tenfold or more!

The Welcome Bar App 2.0 (Limited Functionality)
The Welcome Bar App 2.0 (Limited Functionality)

Hi @Aviator, This is great feedback! We’ve seen a really encouraging amount of usage of the Welcome Bar app, it absolutely makes sense to invest more in it. Thanks for providing such specific feedback, I wouldn’t be surprised if it appears in the app very soon!


Hi @zack: Great! Looking forward to it. Oh, and don’t forget to provide the option to turn on/off the banner button. Some companies will probably use the Welcome Bar without the button to make simple announcements. Cheers!



Hi @Aviator!

I’m writing to let you know that Welcome Bar 2.0 has been released!
Thanks again for your feedback, and thank you for using Cloudflare Apps!


Continuing the discussion from The Welcome Bar App (Limited Functionality):

Not sure why the above post was closed and locked by @ryan, so please allow us to provide addtional feedback after release of Welcome Bar 2.0:

(1) @teffen: First of all, a huge thanks for your quick response to our suggestions! Great improvement!

(2) Unfortunately, the changes still don’t address the following:

(a) It’s not responsive on mobile devices. Please check the banner/bar display on iphone and android devices. The banner (with link) still appears on two lines.

(b) The changes don’t allow us to change the color of the button (link) text, only the message.

© The button format was deleted, now it’s only a link. The link is OK, but the button was “cooler.” :slight_smile:

(3) We definitley like the Dismissal Behavior feature. Any chance you can provide an option for selecting automatical dismissal times in seconds? Say, anything from 5 to 60 seconds.

Thank you!


Sorry. That was closed in error. I thought everything was resolved. I’m merging this back into the original topic.



Hi @Aviator,

Thanks for the kind words.

Regarding mobile layout,
The app is responsive and reduces the padding on smaller screens. It’s true that the bar is on two lines, however we’ve found it has a larger hit area for users.

Regarding colors,
The button style link appears on desktop sized screens along with the ability to change its background and text color. We’ve opted for a slim link to trim the height of the bar on mobile.

Regarding dismissal time,
I’ll pass the suggestion onto the team :slight_smile:




Again, thanks!

The app cannot be considered responsive until the banner (including button/text) appears on one line on mobile devices (same as desktop view). This will not affect the hit area. Suits us and clients very well.

Oh, and what about the option to change text size and font style for both the main message and button text?

And last, how do we change the button text color in Slim mode? Not possible at this time. It defaults to blue.

Hey, you’re almost there! Hands down, the above enhancements will transform the Welcome Bar app into the best one in the market. It can then be made available only to Pro Plan and above subscribers!




Forgot to mention/consider that some Welcome Bar app users may have long messages so, of course, the banner may appear on 2-3 lines on mobile devices. However, being responsive, for those using short messages we hope the message (and button text) will appear on one line. For example (test case), use: “We just launched our blog!” (main message) and “GO THERE” (button text).

Again, thanks for your understanding and patience!


Hi @aviator,

Thanks for the feedback. We often choose a smaller feature set over
additional options to keep apps easy to install. For instance, Welcome Bar
inherits it’s font family and size from the host page, keeping the options
minimal but the possibilities open for any site. A user could potentially
install the Google Fonts app and Welcome Bar will automatically support it.

However we do often receive requests for customized solutions. I recommend
checking out our AddCSS app and using the Welcome Bar CSS selectors to
customize the app to your desired spec. You can also send a Pull Request
and the apps team can look into getting it into a future version.




Thanks, great tips. Understand the challenge. We’re not developers, simply Cloudflare clients. So, could you help us with two items?

(1) What would be your selectors to get the Welcome Bar message and button on one line? (for short messages)

(2) How do we submit a “Pull Request”? (link appreciated)




PS: Do we have to use “AddCSS” to add these selectors or can we simply add them thru our website theme CSS options panel?


Hi @Aviator,

Providing specific guidance on editing the styles of an app is a bit out of our support scope. I recommend inquiring with a web developer who is experienced in making CSS changes.

I appreciate your interest in our apps and am going to forward the feedback to the team. I’m going to close this topic for the time being.