The Welcome Bar App 2.0 (Limited Functionality)



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Not sure why the above post was closed and locked by @ryan, so please allow us to provide addtional feedback after release of Welcome Bar 2.0:

(1) @teffen: First of all, a huge thanks for your quick response to our suggestions! Great improvement!

(2) Unfortunately, the changes still don’t address the following:

(a) It’s not responsive on mobile devices. Please check the banner/bar display on iphone and android devices. The banner (with link) still appears on two lines.

(b) The changes don’t allow us to change the color of the button (link) text, only the message.

© The button format was deleted, now it’s only a link. The link is OK, but the button was “cooler.” :slight_smile:

(3) We definitley like the Dismissal Behavior feature. Any chance you can provide an option for selecting automatical dismissal times in seconds? Say, anything from 5 to 60 seconds.

Thank you!

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