The Welcome Bar App 2.0.5 (Limited Functionality)



Since previous attempts to get Cloudflare to fix the responsiveness of The Welcome Bar app for mobile devices (iphone/android) has failed, it would be great if Cloudflare can at least provide the option to turn on/off The Welcome Bar app on these same devices. Thank you!

PS: If Cloudflare is going to launch apps for its customers (which is highly appreciated), it would be nice if Cloudflare can ask its developers to support them, enhance them, and/or fix them from time to time.


*** GOOD NEWS ***

To omit The Welcome Bar app from your mobile devices (i.e., iphone, android, etc), use the following CSS code:

@media only screen and (max-width: 800px) {
cloudflare-app[app=“welcome-bar”] {display: none !important;}


@media (max-width: 800px) {
cloudflare-app[app=“welcome-bar”] {display: none !important;}

Note: Additional Welcome Bar app changes can be implemented on your website by using (or adjusting) any of the CSS codes listed here: GitHub (Cloudflare Welcome Bar App)


Dear Cloudflare:

Updating the Wecome Bar app to provide additional functionality would be appreciated!

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