The website speed got down after attaching with cloudfare


The below is my email and when I attached this website with cloudflare, my website got down and after removing it, the website speed got up. Is there any issue with the attachment?

Hi there,

You’ve deleted you zone form Cloudflare, so I can’t say with 100% certainty what was going on, but I suspect you were having a loop redirect issue caused by the fact that your origin only accepts HTTPS and your SSL/TLS encryption mode was set to Flexible.

This means Cloudflare would try to send requests to your origin using http but, the origin would upgrade to https and Cloudflare would keep downgrading to http, causing the issue.

If you want to add the zone again, after adding it, please try going to SSL/TLS > Overview and set SSL/TLS to Full Strict or Full.

Take care.