The website no longer redirects (Page Rule) but shows Error 1034

I just noticed that some of my sites at Cloudflare has stopped working with an “Error 1034”. I set up Page Rules a while ago and it worked fine, until it didn’t.

Like others, I tried to solve the issue as suggested in Edge IP Restricted - Error 1034 but to no avail.

Is this a not-so-subtle hint from Cloudflare suggesting that I should upgrade to a paid plan or find another solution?

Does Cloudflare still support redirecting an entire domain on a free plan?

Following that tutorial does not solve the problem, unfortunately.

Can you share a screenshot of the DNS record involved?

Oh boy, I was wrong. My apologies.

Taking a screenshot I finally noticed that I had followed the tutorial using mydomain1.tld but was checking mydomain2.tld. Doh! :flushed:

Thank you for asking!


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