The website is not loading and a cloud fare page is appearing instead

My website isn’t loading. It is bringing up a cloud fare page instead, I’ve contacted site ground and they say to make sure cloud fare is pointing to the correct Ip address, it’s never happened before and only occurred this morning after working well for 5 years, have I been hacked
I want to get support from Cloudflare but since I’m on a free account it’s not available for me

What is the domain?

kariannessecret dot co dot uk

I can’t find where on the Cloudflare dashboard I’m supposed to check the ip addess is correct, siteground asked me to look for DNS but nothing there

Your site is redirecting to “”. This is fake and means your Cloudflare account has been compromised.

Check for unexpected page rules and redirect rules:

Check for changes to your account in the audit log:

Resecure your account:

  • change the password
  • set up 2FA
  • change your global API key and any tokens; look for newly created tokens
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Is it because of this?
REC (Recife) on 2024-01-29

Scheduled Maintenance

Thankyou very much will do all that right away

Thank you for catching this @sjr.

Please do secure your account with a 2FA @karenannabouzar.

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