The website has completely disappeared! Help!

My domain is still live. Hosting is on Cloudflare. But everything has gone at theteamscan(dot)com and I don’t know why. Help!

The domain is pointing to (Godaddy) hosting parking page. You will need to see what has gone wrong there. Your Cloudflare settings are ok (assuming you have set the DNS records correctly)…

The registry was updated today, did you make any changes? [add] Probably domain renewal anniversary. Does the hosting need paying for?

Thank you - It was due for renewal in a few days but when I noticed there was an issue I renewed today thinking that might be it. My domain name is with 123 Reg not GoDaddy so that’s very confusing? I’ve contacted 123 Reg and they have told me everything is OK at their end?

The domain registration is ok, but as it is the anniversary of that, I was just wondering whether it’s also the anniversary of paying for your hosting with Godaddy. As mentioned, the Cloudflare settings seem ok so you need to check your Godaddy hosting is still working ok as it’s their parking page that is showing.

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Thank you - that’s what’s confusing me the most as I have never been with godaddy!

Did you make any changes to the Cloudflare DNS? Are there any CNAMEs where the target may have changed?

You can also check your audit log to see if anything “unexpected” happened…

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