The website does not open in mobile, nuestra pagina no abre en moviles

We make a subscription with you and register your nameservers in our domain of we are presenting serious problems with the mobile phones, it delivers an error:
A DNS error occurred when resolving Check that the host name is spelled correctly and make sure that the page can be accessed from a public Internet connection.
We will soon make the subscription to a plan with a wider coverage but we want to see the total functioning and responsiveness with our company.

You need to bypass it from cloudlare if its causing problem , Go to dns panel ,make sure what you are doing.
I mean dont change anything until you know what you are doing. You can create a support ticket or wait for someone to come. Its a minor issue.
All i know you need to do something with subdomain cpanel so that it takes you to origion server not Cloudflare.

We call it bypass Cloudflare

pues ya tratamos de comunicarnos con la gente de Cloudflare pero no hemos obtenido respuesta, no entiendo lo que quieres decir con “esperar a que venga alguien” ya que tratamos de contactar con alguien que nos ayude y no obtuvimos respuesta. Si alguien en el foro a experimentado lo mismo agradeceríamos su ayuda.

Realmente quiero ayudarte, pero no sé cómo contactar

si tienes Skype te puedo agregar y por allí seria fácil.

¿Cuál es tu ID de Skype?
Daniela Baptista

Problem solved

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