The website cannot be accessed after the domain name is resolved again

Hello, my website was originally parsed to Woo;
Because Woo’s website was too slow, Shopify was replaced;
However, considering that Shopify charges are too expensive, I want to change back to Woo now;
I re resolved the domain name to Woo’s website, but the website could not be accessed, showing:

The website has not changed anything, but the DNS resolution has been changed, and now it is useless to change back;

It sounds like you need to go through the liberate the hostname process


Ok, thank you very much, I have contacted Cloudflare to delete it for me; but it has been 18 hours, and it is still inaccessible;

Shopify should do this, it may take a while for Support to get to your ticket, the liberate the hostname utility will do it in a few minutes

Support replied yesterday that it has been deleted, let me wait 24 hours;
Shopify contacted several times but didn’t deal with it, and asked me to find Cloudflare;
Hey, no one will deal with the problem; the website has been down for 3 days;

Cloudflare has solved the problem for me. Thank you for your help;

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Sorry it took sooo long and happy it is resolved. Let us know if anything else comes up.

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