The website appearing blank

I am getting my website that is appearing blank white opening it. Kindly look into it.

What is your domain?

Do you only see a blank page or any error message?

I see only blank page on the website. it was all working fine before 2 hours and suddenly the black page started appearing.

The blank page is coming from your webserver, not from Cloudflare.

Can you pause Cloudflare for a moment and see if that helps?

The website is coming after pausing Cloudflare but showing blank with Cloudflare, what’s the potential reason behind this?

It is possible that your host has a firewall that automatically blocked Cloudflare.

When you use Cloudflare, all requests come from Cloudflare IPs. This might trigger rate limiting or similar if there are no exceptions for Cloudflare.

That’s just one option though, no guarantees.