The web property not accessible via this address

Hi ,
we have encounter this issue when we try to get the response from the another domain.

when we try to login the pay_trokera_com domain, it will communicate with cex1tmain_trokera_com domain to get the response but now show the error, please look the screen shot.

given the solution to resolve this issue.

This is what I see

Also, it looks like your website name and the website are mismatched

Please follow these steps

1. Check that the DNS record is set to :orange:
In the DNS app in your Cloudflare dashboard, check that the DNS record for your domain is set to :orange:, not :grey:. If it is :grey:, Cloudflare is disabled on the site and none of the SSL settings will take effect.

2. Do you see a certificate from your server?
If you see a certificate from your server rather than from Cloudflare, you may be bypassing Cloudflare and connecting straight to the server. You can also check for Cloudflare headers in developer tools . If you are not going through Cloudflare, this may be a local caching issue. You could also test your site on a different device and/or network. There is a specific tutorial on Verifying propagation and caching issues when troubleshooting .

Other than those two steps, I don’t know how to help!

Also, I see this when visiting Trokera

Please ignore my previous steps, I wrote them BEFORE trying to visit the website in the screenshot above

But this seems like a security issue (maybe relating to a Cloudflare feature, even though I’ve never seen that error before)

Are you the site owner?

If so, you may want to check your dashboard for any blocked or challenged requests!

Also, are you using a custom error page (as that may explain why I’ve never seen that error)!

If you are NOT the site owner: Then we can’t help! You MUST have access to the account, or be the site owner!

Edit: I notice your browser is not up to date! This may be the cause! Please try updating your browser and try again!

Thanks for the response.

yes i am the site owner,

as of i have checked the DNS is connected via cloudlflare proxy.

how can we check the blocked or challege request.

Check it out from the dashboard. If you have set page rules, then it’ll be in Security tab, else page rules.

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