The web does not work after activating Cloudfare

Good Day to all.
The DNS and the website are not finished replicating, it is not accessible since activating the cloudfare DNS.
We have almost 48 hours since the service was activated, and there are still places where it is not active according to DNS propagation checker.
And the website does not load, although in the cloudfare summary it seems that it receives traffic.
Someone can tell me what is the problem to be able to solve it and that the web through Cloudfare will be visible.
The WebSite its: U n a f . o r g

Thank you very much, I am waiting.
all the best.

I got the 404 not found error in my Web browser :thinking:

Furthermore, I can see you’re using Cloudflare nameserver, however the returned IP address on the lookup is the origin host/server meaning you’ve either unproxied :grey: (DNS-only) your DNS records or temporary enabled the “Pause Cloudflare for this site” option from the Cloudflare dashboard. 0  IN  NS 0  IN  NS

404 comes from your origin host/server as far as I can see :thinking:

Also, your domain isn’t secured with a valid SSL certificate, yet.

Good afternoon Fritex and forgive for the delay in responding.

I answer you under your questions.

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