The video streaming is slow to load and freeze

The video streaming is slow to load, it cut and freezes many times, (the adaptive bitrate does not seem to be doing a good job either). The experience for the users is really bad I need urgent help here as I am launching my website next week.

Can you share an example video showing this behavior? zaid at

We’re experiencing this too, users are reporting videos are slow to load and are seeing heavy buffering on Android. This started to be reported a few weeks ago.

Hi Zaid - We just sent you an email. We moved roughly 185 videos over to Cloudflare Stream and are experiencing the same issue. Everything is slow to load and many videos freeze halfway through.

My hobby webpage that almost no one sees,, has about a dozen short videos on it (<1min). Of course on dreamhost they don’t load or play fast, usually. Even with a regular CF (free) account they don’t play well. So, I signed up for live stream. Now, they mostly don’t play at all! I’m thinking to get vids to play right is not possible for small fish.
Any help appreciated.

Hi all, there seems to be a few different issues being reported in this thread.

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