The verification TXT record

Trying to add a new site to Cloudflare. I have have the domain nameservers set to mark and beth but things seem to be in limbo and I see a message “The verification TXT record of is already being re-checked. You may only submit a re-check once per hour.” which I have not seen before. Not sure what TXT record this would be referring to. Does seem like that would apply here.

If you are using a CNAME setup you need to add a TXT record to verify domain control. Are you trying to use a CNAME setup?

That is not a registered domain:

% whois

No match for domain "RASKOSCONSTRUCTION.COM".
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It is a registered domain.

I am currently just trying to set it up as a Cloudflare site so I can manager the records here.

Those are not the same. Was that a typo just in the Community, or did you add the wrong domain?


My professional response. Oops.

Thanks Michael. Totally missed that

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