The verification TXT record of *****.uk is already being re-checked. You may only submit a re-check once per hour

I have a lot of domains added to my account but one I have recently added advises it is doing a TXT check, I have spoken with the domain registrar who advises the domain names are set correctly, I have done a few DNS checks from whatsmydns and dnschecker and most show as Cloudflare but for some reason, they are not showing as resolved on Cloudflare’s control panel.

Cloudflare’s DNS panel doesn’t show if TXT records are resolved or not. Can you please post a screenshot of the message you’re seeing?


I am having a similar issue, I updated my domain a couple days ago, I can see the ns changes propagated, I think that this is a similar issue, I can’t see any TXT info to create a record, but I am getting the message on the image

Where is the TXT information to create the record?

It looks like you’re using Amazon registrar, but you haven’t updated the name servers in their WHOIS system.

Thanks a lot for the help, I was changing the NS info on the wrong place, I was doing the change on the hosted zone DNS, the change must be done on the domain register section.

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The same thing is happening to me. I have updated the nameservers in Google Domains to use CF nameservers.

Your domain has DNSSEC enabled. The name server change won’t take effect with that enabled. You need to disable that at Google Domains.

It’s been enabled the whole time. I published it from Google Domains. It just took an hour to propagate for some reason. That was literally the first thing I did was enable and set up DNSSEC.

It just now propagated and is working. But yeah, it took a good hour of me getting that same message about the TXT. Never happened before.

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