The verification email sent to my email, the link in it, is not working

The verification email sent to my email, the link in it, is not working

What error are you getting when you follow that link? I show your email as verified in your dash.

Yep. My client is running into the same issue.

There’s a button inside the email to Verify Email Address, but there is no link associated with that button. There’s no error message, it just doesn’t click through to anything.

I’m having the same issue. Tried several different addresses, resending verification emails, but link is still missing. seems like is just a “verify email address” text on a blue background

When I click on the icon, there are no links as shown in the picture, and it does not direct me to any page

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I’m getting the same problem. I’ve tried different browsers and devices and as stated above it is just a blue box with the words “Verify email address” without a link.

Yes, that’s right. it just doesn’t click through to anything.

What is the solution in your opinion and will it be fixed ?

Thank you for the details, adding my colleague @dmartin1 to this thread as I am unable to reproduce this.

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email “[Cloudflare]: Verify Email Routing address” with button link doesnt work. no link to click

Same problem for here

Same here as well

I am having the same problem, already opened a new topic before seeing this on

Same issue, Cloudflare wide must be.

The link starts with:


‘No app installed to open this.’

The team has released a fix for this.
You should be able to see your email is verified in the dashboard.

If not you can resend the email verification and you should no longer experience this issue.


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