The use of field cf.bot_management.verified_bot is not allowed

Hi team,
I’m using business plan and in the console of WAF rule I can see 100 rules available, but when i add or modify the existing rule, I’m getting error - not entitled: the use of field cf.bot_management.verified_bot is not allowed, a Bot Management plan is required

That sounds like a permissions issue. Is this on an account you own or on an account of which you are a member? Can you share the name of the website?

It is on an account of which I am a member. But I have access to create Rules and WAF rules. The name of the website is Relieffactor factor

Even the Root user of the account is also facing the same issue, We moved recently from Enterprise plan to business plan and in WAF rule console it say 49/100 rules are available, still we are facing this issue. Account name -

That’s why you’re getting that message. Bot Management is only available for Enterprise Zones:

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