The UI leads to a $200 plan for a blank site

moving mouse on the interface of plan selection went to an incorrect confirm. a blank site was charged $200.

please refund it. $200 is not worthy the UI design and business model.

I make a downgrade and then delete my credit card within seconds, but the charge is still there.

the interface for plan selection is suggestive for the business plan.

that’s a silent consent interface regarding GDPR.

From the point of design and data modeling, I don’t belief that Cloudflare would be GDPR compliant.

in this way, GDPR will only be SEO tricks and brand marketing of Cloudflare and its partners with rickrolling.

You will need to open a ticket with supportlogin to Cloudflare and then contact Cloudflare Support, the community is unfortunately unable to assist.


I have opened a ticket before.

users who join Cloudflare Community may be KPI related for support team and helpful to build a brand community. Consumption community performs a better return.

modernity of business and community keep on calling entries.

postmodernity accompany with all-pervading metaphors. Business and community get mixed to combine a consciousness in section of metamorphosis with sociological thinking and social link.

Hi @r0le,

Even I just faced the same issue, raised a ticket on the same.
You got your money back?


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Thanks Cloudflare team,

Refund got initiated,