The ttl is outdated, but none of my DNS changes have any effect.

Initial configuration is Wordpress on OVH + DNS on OVH

We modified the cloudflare NS and it was detected by cloudflare so I was able to make the desired DNS changes on cloudflare:
Naked domain redirected to junk IP
www domain redirected to a new server
Page rule with all “” redirected to “”.
These changes were made several hours ago, but I don’t see any redirection. Requests are still landing on the old site.

mydomain =

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Your difficulty has noting to do with TTL, DNS, or even the proxy status of the hostname. Your redirect rule has an invalid target.

If you curl -Iiv you will see that the redirect location is returned as$1. Obviously that is never going to work.

I don’t know if you are using Page Rules or the new Redirect Rules. I recommend the latter, and suggest that you delete whatever is currently in effect and replace it with the first example in this guide.

I don’t know what you are using based on that term, but I encourage the use of only a single :orange: Proxied AAAA record set to the discard prefix address 100:: when using originless hostnames. While other address will work, the use of the discard prefix IP makes the purpose of the record clear.

Thank you for your help. I have made the change to the redirection rules.

On this second part, I don’t really understand, as I’m not very experienced in DNS best practices. I have the “mandatory” recommendation to register a DNS CNAME of the type “xxxxxxxxxxxDOTcloudfrontDOTnet.” to redirect to the new website.
The new website only accepts the www domain, which is why I need to redirect the naked to www.

So, what registration do you recommend for the naked domain?

For the sake of clarity, you may not want to use the word registration in this manner as it is not an obvious context.

My suggestion was to use only an AAAA record for your apex name, which is entered as @. However, you have fixed your redirect, and such a change is not necessary for functionality.

I prefer it from an organizational perspective. It provides consistency when managing the records to have those that are used only for originless functions all use the same configuration. It is purely a matter of preference and you do not need to make any change.

I don’t know why, but during 5 minutes redirect ans DNS was working. And now, when i go to the website, i see the old one… i have 0 records which send traffic to old website in cloudflare. I’m lost

Have you tried from an incognito browser window?

I get the proper redirect to www. Unless I am seeing the wrong site at www, it is working as expected.

Yes, this is the good one ! Thanks.

So why i didn’t find any CNAME records in DNS checker ?
I have set this in cloudflare :

That is an excellent question with an answer that is not obvious at first. When your CNAME is :orange: Proxied, Cloudflare publishes it as A and AAAA records that contain Cloudflare proxy IPs.

If you must have a CNAME published, you need to set the record to :grey: DNS Only. That does mean that name will not receive any features provided by the Cloudflare proxy rule or is :grey:.

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