The transfer of the domain name failed and the fee has been deducted three times

I tried to transfer the domain name, but it failed twice, so the fee was deducted twice.
So I contacted the staff (ticket) and the staff asked me to try again, but failed again and deducted another fee.
Then there was no response from the staff. I waited for 2 days and didn’t know what to do, so I came here to ask for your help! :flushed:

Ticket ID: #1931536


Unfortunately, the community can’t help with billing issues like this. Support are the only people who can help, but they are pretty busy at the moment! If you login to, you can check that the ticket is still open (you would have received an email if it wasn’t, too).

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Hi, sorry for the issues you’re hitting. I have added myself to the ticket and will keep track of progress with the engineer.

I’m having the same issue, trying to transfer a domain and giving me the same error, tried 3 times, it said I wasn’t charged but I got 3 emails stating that I was, and the domain has not transferred yet either.