The subdomain is not available

I need help, I don’t know how to set up servers, but I haven’t been able to access the cyberpanel on the VPS for a few days.
Until now, everything went smoothly, cyberpanel was available at, but now the browser says:
The connection was terminated due to a timeout
An error occurred when connecting to:
The websites stored on the cyberpanel are accessible, but the cyberpanel itself is not, and the emails sent from the e-mail addresses that are connected to the given domain are not sent out either.
I don’t know where to start, what settings to change, so that the cyberpanel control panel is available again. I am asking for your help in this, for which I thank you in advance!

DNS settings:

SSL settings:

I am hoping that some of you can help me to access the cyberpanel control panel again…
Péter Balogh from Budapest

Are you using Cloudflare?
If yes, port 8090 isn’t proxied. You will need to make some changes - we can advise.
If no, you’ll need to ask elsewhere.

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Thanks for the help, the situation is resolved

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