The static components that are not on CDN


Hi, I have used your CDN and upon checking the performance of in it shows that my images are not on CDN “There are 50 static components that are not on CDN.” and it provide me links with my photos. This is my website. Thanks.


Cloudflare is not a CDN.

That warning is a common false warning if you search the forum here and nothing to worry about.

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Hi, Thanks for the reply. What do you mean by cloudfare is not a CDN?
What I meant is Content Delivery Network which Cloudfare is providing.

I’ve used other website tool and it tells me that cloudfare is not activated in my site. I have used view page source as well and it shows no “cdn”. Pls. correct me if I have the wrong idea on what I understood on what I have researched. newbie here.


fyi, I have used siteground free cloudfare.


Your site isn’t on Cloudflare right now. I checked the response headers and it’s definitely not going through Cloudflare.


I understood what you meant, but no, it is not. Cloudflare is not a CDN in the strict sense but a distributed caching reverse proxy system.

Anyhow, as I already mentioned initially that warning is incorrect and nothing to worry about.


Its a partner setup. The www host cnames to Cloudflare, the naked domain as usual does not and www redirects to the naked domain and ends up in a fun redirect loop :slight_smile:

I somehow dont get the point of partner setups but thats a different story.


Well…now it’s on Cloudlfare, and looks to be functioning properly.

The CDN score has improved as well. There’s one resource on that domain that’s not using the ‘www’ prefix, so it’s hitting the server direct.

The ‘www’ entry in DNS should also be :orange:. And the URL for Cebu-Travel-Agency-1.jpg should include ‘www’ for consistency.

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