The SSL is not working on my domain

The SSL is not working on domain Its status is active. Always Use HTTPS is on. Automatic HTTPS Rewrites is on. How do I resolve it?
Here is the infromation.

Review Universal Certificate for, *

The certificates in the pack listed below are managed and auto-renewed by Cloudflare.

Certificate Expiration
ECDSA SHA256 2023-10-25(Managed by Cloudflare)

Certificate Validity Period

1 year

Certificate validation method


Certificate Authority


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Thank you for your reply. What does it mean by server certificate? I was using namecheap free SSL certificate and now its expired of course. So namecheap asking to buy the SSL now. So do you mean the server certificate is the same as SSL?

Right, you do need to have a valid certificate on your server first. You can also take a look at one of the free options, like LE and Oigin certificate, should your host charge you an unreasonable amount of money.

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This mean if install Origin certificate in the cloudflare on my server. It should start working. Right?

Right, though Origin certificates also have an expiry date. So remember to renew it when it expires.

Alright. Thank you for your precious time.

My pleasure.

I have installed Origin certificate. The server shows ok. But the browsers still show not secure. When I check the ssl info it also shows the cloudflare Cloudflare Origin Certificate. Can you please help to sort out further. Thanks

You do have a valid certificate now. Just make sure the DNS entry is proxied and it should load fine.

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The DNS is proxied. and Your SSL/TLS encryption mode is Full

Basically, it says, the certificate is not valid.
apekh ssl installed

  1. It should not be Full, that’s still insecure. Always use Full Strict.
  2. Have you paused Cloudflare on the overview screen?

Working now. Thank you.

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All right, just make sure you chose Full Strict.

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