The speed test could not run : API Request Failed : error 504


I just switched to CloudFlare yesterday, I modified the NS so that they are now pointing to the CloudFlare ones.

However when I clicked on the SPEED dashboard I get the error :
“The speed test could not run” with the error :slight_smile:

API Request Failed: GET /api/v4/zones/d6a7d1ee051a07e125efeadbc9e18fc0/speed_testing? (504)

Even if I turn off the firewall on the hosting server the error remains

can you tell me where I should look please ?



Hi @user7806,

The error sounds like a temporary dashboard issue, are you able to try again now and post back if you are still getting the issue, with a screenshot?


Unfortunately the error remains !

I attach a screenshot

thanks for your help


If you look in the Firewall Events Log, do you see any blocks/challenges that correspond to when you were trying to run the test?

just wait, that the problem goes away?


unfortunately, no, the problem remains!


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