The speed is deceasing from good to slow


I run the same test on my test site ( with gtmetrix and webpagetest
on the 5th of July and yesterday

The result for the First Byte time was good (300-400 ms) on the 5th of July and now is poor (more than 800ms). This is the direct consequence of the main page load time 2x slower than at the beginning of the month.

I did not changes anything on the site or either on Cloudflare settings and the host is the same. As far as I understand the file is supposed to be cached by Cloudflare once it is accessed so I could not find any valable reason for this increase.

Any ideas?

See the Gtmetrix compare


It doesn’t seem that bad to me. Which statistic are you concerned with?

Thanks for your reply @sdayman

The general rate is not too bad indeed but it used to be better.

I am concerned with the Time to First Byte which has a direct impact on Time of First Meaningful Paint. An average of 967ms is not that fast

As it shown in the report in Gtmetrix, at the beginning of this month it was less 400ms and now it is more that 800ms so I would like to understand why to be able to stop the increase TTBT and ideally get same result back as it was at 20 days ago.

Every files seems distributed as good as they were before, only the main page is not.
Please help


TTFB is determined by how fast Cloudflare can get the HTML from your server and send it to the visitor. HTML is not cached, so it is the contributor to a higher TTFB.

Since you’ve still got the demo page up, it’s difficult to know your use case, but you can certainly consider caching the home page with a Page Rule: Match and add Settings for Cache Level (Everything) and Edge Cache TTL (1 day, or whatever you want).

That looks like WordPress, so I like to use the Flying Pages plugin to preload subsequent pages:

Thanks for the reply @sdayman! Very interesting and really helpful

I read in the doc that HTML files are cached, that is what confused me but is not cached by default in fact. I understand with your explanation that the extra delay is probably due to the host.

It is not a WordPress site but preloading subsequent pages is an idea I did not think about and the Flying Pages git is full javascript so probably easy to implement.

Thanks for your help

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I had to stop caching HTML file… The file has a form and the CSRF token was generating error.

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