The specific area cannot be accessed from my IP

If a website is only allowed access to a specific country by Cloudflare.
And I get the error “Sorry, you have been blocked” from the same IP country.
How can I report this bug?
Note that the IP is definitely for the same country and various sites and even confirm this.

Do you know that the country is the reason that the IP is being blocked? Have you checked the Ray ID against the firewall logs to confirm it?

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Which firewall? I do not have access to that site.
If it is blocked by cloudflare, how can I fix it?

If it isn’t your site, you would need to share the Ray ID with the site operator so they can find it in their Cloudflare firewall activity logs to identify why the IP is blocked.

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And what if they are unavailable or uncooperative?

Then you will most likely continue to encounter errors when attempting to visit the site. If the party running the site doesn’t care to fix their access issue, there is nothing else that can be done.

Please note that we are still not sure if the problem is with the site owner or Cloudflare. (In the past, there have been cases where an IP range incorrectly shows another country due to the non-updation of the GeoIP database, and this is technically possible.)

If the site owner does not check it. At least Cloudflare should be able to check to assure us that the problem is not theirs.

My big problem is that Cloudflare has no way of communication for these things and only provides financial and accounting support.

:point_up: then :point_down:

There are a lot of ways & reasons that a site owner may block traffic, it is up to them to decide and Cloudflare cannot affect that decision. For the security & protection of everyone, we can only work with the account holder. You’d need to report the issue to the site owner (as correctly mentioned on this thread) and have them investigate and contact cloudflare if necessary.

In this case it seem like the corner case you mentioned (I’ve seen 2 incorrectly assigned IPs in 6 years) does not apply as you were able to verify

From everything you’ve shared, it seems you were blocked for something other than country. Scan for malware, try incognito mode, try mobile, try a mobile device, and/or

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