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Hey everyone!

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I am having serious trouble with my website (it is not working), and looking into the code this is showing up as an error → the source of truth for this generic error is … (can’t post links) github shopify error-pages

Neither the support team of Shopify nor the one of Wordpress (where my website is) could actually solve the issue.

So, this is how it started: I signed up to Shopify and opened a store using my website’s domain (which was a huge mistake, I did not know, the Shopify Store Page would actually REPLACE my website).
After realizing that this was causing trouble, I bought a new domain on Shopify. But the harm was already done. For you cannot erase the first domain you registered, which is my website’s. At least that is what I think is causing the trouble.

The trouble per se is: My website is not loading. It is not opening. It is opening sometimes in some places, but it doesn’t make any real sense. I talked to people in my area and to people in other countries. Sometimes it loads, sometimes it doesn’t. For me it does not load anymore at all. And the scary thing is all those people from Shopify and Wordpress keep telling me, everything is fine …

Well it is not. I found something about a website called “liberate the hostname”. Would that solve the issue? I don’t know exactly how this works, I have no idea about all this stuff unfortunately and am super frustrated nobody could help me so far.

If anyone knows a way to rescue my website, I’d be endlessly grateful!

Thanks!Preformatted text

Sorry this was happening for you. We have a couple of checks in place that should stop this from happening but it looks like yours wasn’t caught.

I have cleared up the custom hostname certificate, and your site is loading properly for me now too.


Hello! Yes, the site is working again! :slight_smile: Thank you!


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