The site proxied through CF are extremely slow

We have to spend several days trying to find out what is wrong with Cloud Flare performance without any luck. When we proxy(put CF cloud) our web site it starts loading extremely slow and sometimes hangs for several minutes. If we use only CF DNS and not proxy everything works fast and the page is loaded under 2-3 seconds. These slowdowns appear about one time in 5-page loads. Any idea what could be wrong? We are paid customers with Pro account, CF support was not useful and didn’t offer any solution, just said that he gets good speed trying to load page one time.

  1. (proxied by CF)
  2. (only DNS by CF)

I also provide WebPageTest

  1. (took 21 seconds to load)
  2. (took 2 seconds)

Same thing here.

We are on Pro plan and this slowdown happens for two weeks already.

Same here. I need to connect via a VPN to even get to my sites. The slow is unbearable.

Reached here hunting for a solution to this issue :face_with_head_bandage:

Even GTMetrix timed out with CF proxy = ON. I had to turn proxy OFF to make my site usable again!

Guys, wondering the Cloudflare proxy IP that you all have is 104.27.xx.xx network? Facing the same issue here. I notice that CF proxy IP if start with 104.27.xx.xx this network segment will facing slowness. Not sure is due the network congested in this route.

Problematic ones are
2 sites having problems.

104.27.xx.xx >> Works fine for me for both of my sites

The thing is, once I use any VPN. The speed of the site works just as normal. The servers are all healthy. I also created DNS record that bypass cloudflare, and the site loads quicker without CF.

Yes, i realize not only 104.27, there are some other subnet also facing similar issue. Currently, i already log the case to CF, but they just provide some standard answer. :expressionless:

We also use VPN only able to solve this performance issue. And this issue only start from this week. Wondering anyone can assist maybe to improve the routing?

By the way, I’m from Malaysia facing this issue.

Same here. From Malaysia (On unifi) and noticed that the sites are pretty much blank out when orange cloud is turned on. What I do to fix it is to have all my domains’s orange cloud turned off. The speed is back to normal.

I suggest everyone do this until this issue is fixed.

On a side note, server is hosted in SG, and I’m browsing it from Malaysia. Cloudflare shows me colo=LAX which it routed me to another part of the world…


Would like to inform that, currently CF proxies is back to normal. I notice that route had been changed from the traceroute result. All my websites hosted in CF are working fine with CF proxies now.


I am not too sure if CF proxies are back to normal.

On my shared hosting
-WITHOUT CF proxy, my Fully Loaded time is 2.4 secs
-WITH CF Proxy, my Fully Loaded time is 10.7 secs :exploding_head:

Not quite sure if I should continue with CF proxy now!

The problem still persisted for us too and no helpful response from support so far. They just sending us copy/paste templates and we are paid customers.

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this also happens to me.

site is in Indonesia but routed to LAX. support keeps asking me to upgrade to enterprise to be able to use Jakarta datacenter.


We made some changes to our network routing that has affected how traffic is served for some of our non-Enterprise customers. On our non-Enterprise plans, we serve you locally with any ISP that interconnects with us, but not necessarily for traffic accessed only via an ISP that does not peer with us.

If some of your traffic is being served to users at ISPs that do not peer with us, there is a good chance it may be served from non-local routes. Despite being closer to one particular PoP you might find that your traffic is flowing through another one located further away. While performance for some of these customers may be reduced at times, all other Cloudflare benefits will work the same.

You can read more about this on our blog: The relative cost of bandwidth around the world

If you want to make sure you retain access to all Cloudflare transit providers worldwide, please upgrade to our Enterprise Plan.

If you are interested in the Enterprise plan, you may want to contact our Enterprise team here:

Best regards,


Cloudflare | Senior Support

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@tomas1 you should do more Webpagetests to check what is loading, from your 1st post WPT test results one has intercom 3rd party requests loaded for cf proxied while non-cf proxied has no intercom requests too

see comparison of both your 1st post results at

WPT connection view comparison

cf proxied


then compare domain view breakdown

cf proxied


Not to say that is why CF is slower for you and other folks reporting slowness. But you should try isolating only 1st party domain assets and remove 3rd party domain/asset calls in a comparison to make sure slowness of a page is really your domain at issue and not 3rd party domain assets contributing to slow page loads. Cloudflare can only accelerate 1st party/domain assets and not 3rd party

I wrote a guide on how to use Webpagetest where you can compare 2 results which may make it easier to see what assets are loaded on waterfalls between 2 results. See

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