The site is very slow

my site in prestashop is really slow and I don’t know how to adjust the parameters! All Cloudflare options have been turned on mail site is always very slow

Your DNS records for both the naked domain ( as well as the www variant are currently set to Unproxied (:grey:) / DNS-only.

Note: Cloudflare itself will not “magically” be making things fast for you, such as if you own server (currently with Hostinger) is extremely sow.

However, a lot of the content (e.g. your website’s logo, other image files, CSS files, and so on) are already being sent to the client with the “Cache-Control” header of “public, max-age=31536000”, indicating that it can be cached for (up to) a year, - 365 days in seconds.

Looking at the JavaScript files you’re sending, there is one with “Cache-Control” header of “public, max-age=604800”, indicating it can be for (up to) 1 week.

  1. Change the Proxy status for the naked domain ( AAAA/A record, as well as the www CNAME, to Proxied (:orange:).

  2. Enable Tiered Cache.

  3. Make sure your SSL/TLS encryption mode is set to Full (Strict).

Once you’ve made all of these adjustments, please run a few more tests and see how things go.

values have definitely improved a bit. Can you see if I can improve anything more in the settings?

Hi, unfortunately I had to disable Cloudflare because with Cloudflare on, Creative Elements doesn’t work. Since the performance of the site has plummeted this way though, do you have any such case histories that have had a solution?