The site is partially unavailable in Russia

Hello. My website is connected to Cloudflare CDN. Everything worked fine for a year. However, on November 30 at 17:00 my site became inaccessible to most Russian users.
People can’t get to my site when the server IP is: (sometimes yes) (sometimes yes)

Sometimes they can go to the server IP:

The site accessibility test was carried out here:

The situation has not changed for a week. What to do?

It sounds consistent with previous episodes where ISP’s are blocking individual Cloudflare IP addresses, perhaps as an attempt to block certain websites.

Contact the ISP’s that are blocking the mentioned IP addresses and have them rectify their blocks.

You can eventually refer them to: The unintended consequences of blocking IP addresses.

I looked at the list of sites using CDN CLOUDFLARE.
All sites opens perfectly on all server IP addresses on which my site does not open.

My website is Domain zone As I understand it, the real reason is that all sites with the domains were blocked in Russia. I don’t see any other explanation. Am I right?

As we’re talking about two countries (e.g. Russia and Ukraine) that are currently in conflict with each other, I wouldn’t personally see it as impossible, that the one country is doing whatever it can, to avoid it’s people from seeing what it eventually consider to be “propaganda” from the other country.

If it is actually a such thing we see, considering the whole ua ccTLD is about Ukraine, it would be much more simple for Russia (and/or it’s ISPs), to attempt block the whole ua ccTLD, rather than individual domain(s) it may consider nasty, one at a time.

In a such case, it shouldn’t be specific to websites operating behind Cloudflare.

Without digging deeper, it would be tough to say whether you’re right, or not.

Problem solved by applying Yandex DNS on your server instead own DNS.